how do you monitor for hardware issues?

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I have a mixed environment of HP DL145, DL380, DL180 and DL585 servers that have P400 and P800 raid controllers in them. When I look at HP's website for software and drivers for the servers, I do see a raid controller monitoring service - but that only pops an event in the event log.When I had Dell servers I had software on them that would email me if a drive or a fan failed. I'd love to have that for the HP's because they're like 10 miles down the road so I'm not looking at them all day long.What do you use?

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On CentOS Linux, we have webmin which will show on the panel if hard drives are having issues, but if you have the time you can always make a software that checks your hard drive's S.M.A.R.T statuses and if there's a specific value present have it do a command. Might be worth a shot :)

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