Nagios Log server - Issue with Configure tab

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I have deployed NLS in RHEL 7 and all the components are working fine like httpd,elasticsearch,logstash.But under the configure tab, if I am trying to add a new filter and apply configuration, the new configuration is not being applied and snapshot is being created at the snapshots tab.Per instance (Advanced) tab does not have the details of the instance where the NLS is installed.Can anyone help me here please?

Please help.

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References:- ... 37&t=47432
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When you edit the Global config, be sure to click the "Save & Apply" option. If the config is in error, then you should get a "The configuration could not be verified" notification. Click the "Verify" button found under the Global Config section to get an extended message about said problem.

You may need to check out the documentation at ... 1527478015

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