Admin Application Format [2018]

Interested in applying for staff? Go here!
Forum rules
• You may not apply if you under the age of 16
• Please do not duplicate apply for staff, you only need to apply once.
• Follow the Admin Application format
• SteamREP / Steam Banned members may not apply for staff.
• If your application is denied, you may reapply in 30 days.
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Anybody looking to be staff should copy this template, make a new topic titled (Admin Application - [name]) and state their answers to each question. Please be as honest as possible. Failure to do so may result in a denial.

Admin Application Template - answer all questions as honestly and as truthfully as you can.

Your Steam Name:

Your Age:

Do you have previous admin experience? (Not necessarily just TF2 servers):

Do you have a mic?

What can you do for us as staff? (Minimum 25 words)

Your SteamID 32: (Check to find this)

Why should we choose you to be moderator? (Minimum 40 words)

When can you be avaliable for duty? (Include timezones if possible)

Any other info we should know about?

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