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We Are FireHost

Welcome to FireHostRedux. We are a developed Steam community who represent games, game developers, digital producers experienced in music, art, programming, gaming, and technology. We own multiple game servers, websites, and game projects. Our community does our best to provide up to date information regarding computers, operating systems, reviews on sites, different games, and technology. FireHost Redux welcomes each new member to our Steam group, where announcements are posted about different Windows tricks, bitcoin prices, free game offers, breaking news, and so much more. Our team also consists of active video producers, content developers, and administration that always looks out for different content in the area above to share with the clan. As of 2018, we have 2,200 members. And that's not all; FireHost Redux also partners with other Steam communities to further share the welcome! Have a question? Want to just be a part of our community? Visit our Contact page where you can find our group and our Discord invite URL to chat with us any time, anywhere.